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What You Don't Know About Gutter Guards Is Hurting Your Severance Home

Gutter guards

First came gutters, and they were instrumental in helping protect rooftops and buildings right down to the foundation. Then came the invention of gutter guards that helped change how property owners took care of their gutters. However, ask any roofing contractor, and they'll tell you there are still too many homes around without quality gutter guards that experts have installed.

It's time to get serious about taking all the steps possible to safeguard your home. If you're still trying to bypass using guards for your gutters, you need to learn about the vital benefits you're missing out on.

How Gutter Guards Change The Game

No matter how high-quality your gutters are, they're only half a functional system without guards in place. Adding the proper gutter guards to your home can have a drastic impact.

  • Protecting your gutters - Obviously, as the name implies, gutter guards do wonders for protecting your gutters from debris, weather, and the elements.
  • Protecting your roof - Your gutters are designed to help safeguard your roof, and guards intensify this protection.
  • Protecting your foundation - Maybe the most important job your gutters have is to protect your foundation from flooding, and guards are a valuable added layer of protection.
  • Less maintenance and cleaning - By preventing debris from easily gaining access to the channels, it means less cleaning and repairs.
  • Avoid pest infestations - Clogs in gutters lead to stagnant standing water, which attracts and becomes a breeding ground for pests like mosquitoes.

Choosing Your Gutter Guards

There are various types of gutter guards on the market, and it's essential to choose what works best for your home. A common mistake homeowners make is settling for a cheap screen and then being disappointed with the results. It's better to pay more upfront for high-quality guards that will work better at protecting your gutters and home.

Please feel free to contact Jireh 7 Roofing to discuss your gutter guards and other roofing services. For the top-notch service from a roofing contractor in Severance, give our team a call.


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