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Top Roof Maintenance Tips To Maximize The Lifespan Of Your Roofing System

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The average homeowner isn't a professional roofing contractor, making it tricky to remember how important it is to keep up with regular maintenance. Managing a household means a lot on the to-do list, but roofing upkeep has to be a priority.

Your roof has a critical job to do, which is to protect the rest of your house right down to the foundation. Learn some top ways to take good care of your roof the way the industry pros do!

How Roof Upkeep Helps Protect Your Investment

Your rooftop is the first line of defense against the elements. Yet even new roofing is at risk of damages from inclement weather, trees, and other threats. However, the better care you invest into your roof, the better chance it has for protecting you and your family for a long time to come.

If you want to take superior care of your roof, you have to think like a pro. Here are some top tips for roof maintenance from the industry experts at Jireh 7 Roofing.

Get proactive about seasonal maintenance - Cleaning your roof and gutters and looking for visible signs of distress should be a part of your exterior maintenance plan for every season.

Don't ignore moss and algae growth - Too many homeowners think moss and algae growth is natural or that it even looks quaint and charming, but the long-term effect can spell disaster for your rooftop.

Stay ahead of tree growth - Avoid letting tree limbs grow and tear at your shingles or branches overhang your roof where they can fall and cause serious damage.

Take ice dams seriously - Help lower the risk of ice dam formation with proper insulation and ventilation, and get professional help if any develops.

Keep up with your gutters - Quality gutters can do wonders for your home, while clogged or damaged gutters can cause serious problems, including roof damage.

Call Jireh 7 Roofing for Severance area roofing contractor services. We offer the best care for your roof and gutters to help protect your home.


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