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Top-Notch Roof Maintenance For Preventative Roof Care

Roof maintenance

At Jireh 7 Roofing, we're always surprised by the amount of Severance neglecting to schedule roof maintenance. It's like driving a car but failing to plan oil changes and then still expecting the vehicle to provide tip-top performance. If you want the lifespan and performance you hope for from your roof, routine maintenance and roof repairs are necessary.

Get proactive about preventive maintenance for your roof. Even if your roofing system is newer, you still need annual inspections and upkeep. In fact, your new roof warranty requires professional assessments to avoid canceling your coverage.

Hire the best local roofing contractor for the job by contacting us. We're a family-owned and operated company, and we guarantee your satisfaction. For more information about the quality care we offer as part of our roof maintenance, give us a call.

Ongoing Roof Care

Any respectable roofing contractor in Severance will agree that roof maintenance is probably the most important service. At Jireh 7 Roofing, we encourage routine upkeep because it's more cost-effective than emergency repairs or premature replacement. Let's avoid running into a preventable problem with professional maintenance.

Some of what we check during a maintenance visit:

  • Inspect the ventilation
  • Check pipe boots
  • Assess flashing condition
  • Look for signs of animal intrusion
  • Remove twigs and debris from roof, valleys, and crevices

While this is only a sample of the tasks we take care of during inspections and maintenance, it gives you an idea of what the process entails. There's so much going on with your rooftop that you can't even see from the ground, and we're here to help reverse the adverse effects of time, weather, and the elements.

Procrastination Is A Real Problem

The trouble with putting off getting maintenance for your roof taken care of is that you lose sight of how much time has passed. We'll show up to a repair job and ask the homeowner when their last maintenance appointment was. While the homeowner thinks it was "just last year," research often shows several years have passed. Get on a scheduled routine, and you'll have a time of hassle and expense.

Call now to make arrangements for roof maintenance to take good care of your Severance home. You'll be grateful you did it.

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