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Roof coating

Jireh 7 Roofing is an outstanding resource in Severance for roof coatings. As a preferred roofing contractor, we're well versed in the various options available and the best application methods. Our work is meant to help you reduce the need for roof repairs, although we can take care of that too! We work with the customer to help offer roofing solutions that promote longevity and optimal performance.

Have you thought about using roof coating to protect your rooftop? A protected roofing system can better protect the rest of your home. We offer services and products that will do wonders for your property.

Whether you're worried about extreme weather conditions or not, give your roof a better chance of standing up to the elements. Let us discuss your options for roof coatings and take care of improving your home with this upgrade.

Roof Coating

Homeowners appreciate Jireh 7 Roofing because of our integrity. Our approach isn't to sell clients services they don't need. As a local leading roofing contractor in Severance, we encourage property owners to consider roof coating to prevent leaks and keep water or moisture from reaching the underlayment of your roof.

Roof coatings come in various forms, including paint and rubber. Besides water, high-quality coatings safeguard against:

  • Air
  • Smoke
  • Dust
  • Gas
  • Exterior Pollution

Of course, the primary reason homeowners opt for roof coatings is to have the best protection against adverse weather conditions like hail. To find out more about your options, contact our team for more information.

Expert Application Is The Key To Long-Term Success

No amount of DIY work or shoddy service from an inferior roofer will help your roof. If you want the best protection, make sure you contract the best team for the job. Even the best sealant can't help your roof if it's improperly applied or installed.

Once applied and solidified, your sealant will improve the way your roof can work for you. Invest back into your roof to safeguard your home. To schedule service for roof coatings and more, contact us in Severance and let us show you what this family-owned and operated company can do for you.

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